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Our activities cover a wide variety of services.
Mainly we are an advisor dedicated to the construction industry, where we manage the selection and assignment of construction tasks.
Also we take care of the real estate investment business, both small and large-sized purchase, for income generation or for personal use.

And last but not least, we manage and trade metals and precious stons, and Oil & Gas products.


We are suppliers of some of the main partners in their respective markets: both in the design and construction of buildings, both for real estate investment opportunities, both for the purchase, sale and rental, and for all possible financial needs.

For Commodities Trading, we are official agents of some of the most important players on the market

We can also create a specific business plan for your needs and in your preferred business sector.


Our customers belong to three main categories, which in fact are our main goals:

1) medium-large firms in the construction works
2) medium-small international private investors that are organizing in search of important income in R.E. world

3) Mines'owners, International traders, large international chain stores, in the single sector of Preciuous Metals, Preciuous stones and Oil & Gas.




Global Management Advisors

is your best solution to find all the business opportunities

related to the world of constructions.

If your company is planning to conduct business

in international markets,

we can help with all the facilities, proposing you:


1) acquisition of works contracts without competition

2) all bank guarantees required by the principals

3) advanced founding for start up the works

4) Registered local Newco in few days

5) Free Zone Company if required

6) Free office location inside

7) 24/7 consultants


in every case with the best returns in each market.


Entrusted to Real Professionals to grow up your business !

Our partners are leaders in the Constructions industry !



Global Management Advisors

selects, identifies and represents the best players in the market.

We deal in trading of Precious Metals (Gold, Platinum, Palladio and Rhodium), of Precious Stones (Diamonds) and  in the Oil & Gas (Diesel, Jet Fuel, Mazut, LNG, LPG, AGO).

We operate in all international markets with greater profitability.

We have direct relationships with Cargo Companies, Foundries, and the major ports for crude oil (Rotterdam, Huston, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Nachodka).


If you want to make high profits in the main world markets we can:

- SCO or FCO proposals for each product requested, directly from buyers or sellers of which we are "Official Agents"
- Prepare the final SPA
- Manage commissions with IMFPA according to ICC
- Provide you with the most suitable financial instruments (LC, SBLC, MT760, MT103, Brinks, etc.).



Global Management Advisors

is also able to select, identify, and advise you

on the best property investments

in all international markets with higher profitability.


Also, if you want to do high earnings in major world markets

of Real Estate, we can:

- To plan the smallest details your Business
- Fund it if necessary
- Design it with the best architects, engineers and designers
- Build it with speed and quality
- And later sell it or put it in income.


In any case you will have at your side

leading international professionals


Our partners are leaders in the Real Estate industry !






Global Management Advisors Ltd.

UK Office

20 - 22  Wenlock Road 

N1 7GU - London, UK

T. +44 77599 24271

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Global Management Advisors Srls

ITALY Office

Sestiere Castello 5871 

30122 - Venezia, Italy

T. +39 392 8646 174

Global Management Advisors ME


MGM - Grand Business Center

Al Kuwair - P.C. 136 

Muscat - Sultanate of Oman

T. +968 9173 6150

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